"How do I remove my Boat from my Trailer?" 
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What are the the two best days of being a Boat Owner?

The day you buy the Boat and the day you INVEST IN Portable Boat Lift!


    With Portable Boat Lift and your own boat stands or dunnage you can work safely at the place of your choosing at your own pace.

     EASY AS 1, 2, 3...

     1. Put your Boat Stands under the Transom...  

     2. Tilt the Bow up with Portable Boat Lift...

     3. Pull the Trailer out adding additional boat stands or dunnage...


    First and Foremost, Portable Boat Lift has been Engineered by a Florida State Licensed Engineering Firm. We are the ONLY Portable Boat Lift manufacturer that can make this claim. It is then fabricated from CAD Drawings, generated by the Engineers, at Certified Welding Shops which makes it consistent and its high quality is therefore repeatable. There is no guesswork as to its Stated Capacity, it's WWL (Working Load Limit). There are no claims made regarding its design capacity based on homemade unqualified yet somehow plausible sounding testing.
    ZOOM IN on the Images and compare it's strength and Design.
    Portable Boat Lift is a pioneer, and the First to design and build this Tool built for Safety First and Unprecedented speed in separating boats from trailers, by yourself, in just minutes. There is NOTHING else on the market that compares to its Certified Design, simple straight forward strength, and high quality fabrication. Being First doesn't always guarantee Best, but the overwhelming support from each and every customers testimonial does!
    Its Strength is unequaled. It protects your investment and more importantly your life and limbs. 
    It is important to use Hardware Made in the USA. It has value in its represented design strength. For example you can research Chicago Hardware (eye nuts and safety hooks) and depend on the design loads they publish. You can trust their published WLL. You can count on the Safety Pins manufactured here in the USA and their designed published WLL. You can count on Dutton Lainsons 2500# Auto Brake Winch with its published WLL. Our parts are sized and matched to their designed function.
    Engineering and Design make Portable Boat Lift First in:

    • SAFETY
    • SPEED
    • HEAVY DUTY ergonomic Engineered DESIGN
    • DURABLE, Dutton Lainson 2500# Auto Brake Winch
    • Buy it for LIFE 

    NIGHT or Day, 24/7, work when you want and where you want

    • We manufacturer from a State Certified Engineers signed/sealed CAD drawings.
    • All Parts Made in the USA for reliability and dependability. 

    Portable Boat Lift is Made in the USA from Heavy Duty STEEL!

    Here are just a few typical email testimonials:


    'The lift has been working out great. I love it. We used it all fall blocking up boats in the storage yard. The 1st boat I ever used it on was a 25ft Dusky, a very heavy boat, and the lift handled it with no problem. I am very impressed. I have a truck and trailer and will be bringing it with me this spring for on site bottom painting. She will be used for about 100 boats this spring all over the states of NJ, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Your lift is going to get lots of coverage for sure and of course my endorsement.'

    -Phil, CPS Marine

    'Hi Lou, I wanted to get back with you about using the boat lift.  To update you, I have a 25 foot Aquasport full of fuel (140gal). The lift worked like a charm!  Once I set up the Lift it lifted the boat without any hesitation.  It was  was a one man job, ME.  Again thanks , great product.' 
    -Glenn, Amityville, NY

    'Lou, I received the lift on Thursday. Nice packaging job.
    Minimal unpacking to have the lift set up and ready to work. It looks like some good engineering and thought went into this lift.'
    Thanks, Dale, Tow Boat U.S.

    'In my business I use the Lift constantly. It's really well made and perfect for Boat Rental businesses that have a lot of boats and only one or two trailers. You can have anyone come by or call me and I'll be happy to talk to them or show them the Lift.'

    'I finally got to try out the lift to get my boat off the trailer. Thing works great. I got the boat off the trailer in fifteen minutes or so. No more crawling between rollers to power wash and repaint the bottom. Hope to get her ready for the water this weekend.'

    “The Lift worked great. I wish I had this thing when I started my business 10 years ago!”
    Brian – Gulf Paradise Yacht Detailing

     "Here is a Great Product
    Portable Boat Lift
    When we found this tool for helping us help our customers, it lifted our Spirits as well as our boats!

    "How in the heck can I get my boat off my trailer?"

    It lifts our boats off trailers so we can do the best job painting the bottom in the spring, and helps us when we do any repairs on a bottom.

    At Wise Marine, we have helped a lot of people who like to work on their boats themselves, and we have recommended this lift to them.  Check it out and give Louis a call! 'n tell 'em WISE MARINE sent ya!  It's a great product, and a great guy.

    Wise Marine will be glad to demonstrate how they are used."  
    - Posted by Tom at the Wise Marine website

    "I just don't know how the marine industry has gotten along until the introduction of your portable boat lift . I have been using "A" frames and chain hoists for years and have now gotten a pair of your lifts . what a difference ! I am able to lift a boat and remove the trailer in 5 minutes flat. what a deal they will pay for themselves in just a few short weeks !! thank you thank you !!!
    gotta go lift a boat sea ya !!!!"
    - Jeffs Fiberglass Repair

    "Hi Lou,
    Just thought I'd let you know I am 100% satisfied with the boatlift.  Worth every penny. My friends are all impressed. Very well made. Done with my first project ready to use it on my next one."

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