"How do I remove my Boat from my Trailer?" 
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High Quality                                                                                                                  Images

Photos of Lifts below are shown with Optional Top Coat; Standard Finish is Shop Primer only.
Always add additional boat stands or dunnage AS the trailer is removed.

The owner of this 20' Robolo added additional boat stands AS he pulled the
trailer out, for safety, and kept the Lift attached to move them around as needed.

The only recommendation here is, even if you have to lower the boat back down
to the trailer in the beginning of the process to re-pin the Trapeze at the
Pivot Stand one hole higher, it is better to end up
in as close to level position
as possible from beginning to end such as the photo below. 
Newer lifts all have more adjustment holes such as the photo below; four inches
on center in stead of eight inches on center.  

HERE is a picture of Phil w/CPS Marine getting creative with the Portable Boat Lift!!!
"Lou, hope all is well with you. We're getting busy again up here and as always, the lift works great. Thought I'd send you this pic, custom 28' Grover diesel. No bow eye, no problem....enjoy...."
Phil w/CPS Marine 2/25/13

Portable Boat Lift on display every day for 2 years outside, used on their entire fleet of rental boats. Those are SOLID, not hollow, concrete blocks used for dunnage with a 2 X 8 on top.

Older model of Portable Boat Lift still working great. Used to make all needed repairs to the trailer right at home! Notice the Guide Poles are bent down to clear the Trapeze. Notice the level position of the Trapeze. Notice all three Safety Pins are installed, one at the end of the Trapeze through the Pivot Stand, one through the end of the Tabs on the Trapeze at the Winch Stand, and one through the Winch Stand at the first hole available under the Trapeze. Additional Dunnage should have been installed under the boat as the trailer was being pulled out for Safety.  

"I fish for a living. Anytime I have to get my boat off my trailer right here at home, right where my tools are, portable boat lift works for access on bottom work and the never ending trailer repairs, especially in this salt water."
Thanks,  Kelly w/ Tide Tuit Inshore Fishing, Sarasota, FL

                       Seabird, above, seen on "Ship Shape TV"

                        ALWAYS add boat stands AS the trailer is being pulled out.

Now is the time to add additional boat stands, as the trailer is being removed.

Customer ordered with optional Powder Coating
Release Flats Boat Co. used Portable Boat Lift in close quarters at the Boat Show.
It was off the trailer in 10 minutes. They didn't have to wait, or pay, for a forklift

Advanced Fiberglass Technology Repair Shop in Georgetown, DE uses Portable Boat Lift

Sea Dory gets prep for the season and quick repair to the trailer.
Photo shows trailer going back under the boat with the Guide Poles bent down to clear the Trapeze.

Fiberglass Repair Shop has no more room inside, so they take it outside

                         Pursuit project boat, above, As seen on "Ship Shape TV"

Testimonial and photos below courtesy of "CPS Marine"

"Here are a few pics from the past few days. The lift has been in full force and I couldn’t be happier with it. All the neighbors come out to see it when I set it up. They think it’s great." -Phil

1.Place Boat Stands under the transom. 2.Attach Portable Boat Lift. 3.Pull the Trailer Out

No floor jacks, bottle jacks, gantry crane, or chain falls needed. 
Notice, additional dunnage was installed as the trailer was pulled out.

Set up on rock drive, using Timber Dunnage and extra Boat Stands Mid Ship, moved around as needed

Testimonial and Photo below courtesy of "Strike Zone"

"I finally got to try out the lift I bought to get my boat off the trailer. Thing works great. I got the boat off the trailer in fifteen minutes or so. No more crawling between rollers to power wash and repaint the bottom. Hope to get her ready for the water this weekend." -Tony

Trailer being placed back under the boat after Rock Solid repairs to my
boat hull and trialer all done at my house at my own pace thanks to Portable Boat Lift!

MacGregor Sailboat Photo c/o Gulf Paradise Yacht Detailng and Bottom Painting

Notice the additional Stands that were placed under the boat as the trailer was removed 

c/o CPS Marine, works on any firm reasonably level surface 

Both Pictures above c/o Chesapeake Soda Clean and Soda Blasting

                   NOW YOU SEE THE TRAILER                                                           NOW YOU DON'T!!

c/o Border Valley Cleanco, Manitoba Canada

c/o Essex Marine Group, CT, Tight Quarters, NO Problem!

c/o Essex Marine Group, CT, uses indoors in a busy boat repair business

c/o Essex Marine Group, CT, then moves the Lift outdoors, wherever!!
Move the Lift around, Not The Boat!

There are 3 Safety Spring Pins included with the Portable Boat Lift.

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